• Low impact

    Products for water providers that meet future lead-free environmental standards today


  • Advanced Metering

    Our electronic meters are selected by utilities for their long term accuracy, durability and quality to meet the challenges of tomorrow


  • Smart

    Our Smart metering solutions help customers to improve revenue, reduce operating costs and enhance customer service


  • Improved performance

    Residential and commercial revenue metering, network management and leak detection capabilities will improve through the use of our innovative metering solutions


Wired Modules

Offering a range of innovative wired modules suitable for meter data management, dosing or network applications. Communication outputs for high and low resolution capabilities and wired M-Bus are available. Suitable for both residential and C&I meters.



Falcon PR6 and PR7 for eSens registers
Visual Falcon PR6 and PR7 for eSens registers are bi-directional pulse transmitters which can be used with all major data loggers or TRC600 radios to monitor a water network system. Suitable for both residential and C&I meters.


T140 probe for V100/V110
Visual Through the use of a reed pulse unit collection of valuable management information such as consumption and flow is possible when fitted to V100 and V110 meters.


Falcon MJ pulse / M-Bus for M100i
Visual The Falcon MJ communication module is designed for M100i and M120i multi-jet meters. It provides data communication in a high resolution pulse output through an inductive pick-up interface. The Falcon MJ module also provides a wired M-Bus output for enhanced data transmission.


PR6M and PR7M for eSens registers
Visual PR6M and PR7M for eSens registers are also available with wired M-Bus output to support enhanced data transmission.


MX39 for Q4000
Visual The Q4000/Q4000B pulse unit MX39 is available in a variant providing pulse output for various applications and in a variant providing a reliable M-Bus output communication for connection to all common data management devices including data-loggers and Smart metering systems.


TMP-F for S100 and M140
Visual The TMP-F enables the readout of Elster water meters with a pulse output or in an M-Bus system. The module is fitted onto the relevant water meter.