• Low impact

    Products for water providers that meet future lead-free environmental standards today


  • Advanced Metering

    Our electronic meters are selected by utilities for their long term accuracy, durability and quality to meet the challenges of tomorrow


  • Smart

    Our Smart metering solutions help customers to improve revenue, reduce operating costs and enhance customer service


  • Improved performance

    Residential and commercial revenue metering, network management and leak detection capabilities will improve through the use of our innovative metering solutions


Prepayment Solutions

Honeywell offers a range of consumption control prepayment solutions.



Prepayment solutions
Visual Honeywell offers two different technologies. Firstly, a solution based on a token, where credit is added to the token and transferred to the meter using a slot in a meterbox. This solution is for both residential and bulk supply. Secondly, a credit card sized smartcard can be used to apply credit and RF technology to transfer credit to the meter.