• Low impact

    Products for water providers that meet future lead-free environmental standards today


  • Advanced Metering

    Our electronic meters are selected by utilities for their long term accuracy, durability and quality to meet the challenges of tomorrow


  • Smart

    Our Smart metering solutions help customers to improve revenue, reduce operating costs and enhance customer service


  • Improved performance

    Residential and commercial revenue metering, network management and leak detection capabilities will improve through the use of our innovative metering solutions


Other Reading Solutions

Offering a range of meter reading solutions for hard to read meters and transmitting signals between field devices and the process control system.



T510 Frequency Converter
Visual T510 Frequency Converter from Honeywell is used for transmitting signals between field devices and the process control system/control system. In addition, T510 Frequency Converter can be used as a signal divider and as a rotational speed controller.


T210 electronic outreader
Visual The ScanCounter T210 is a cost effective solution to meter reading access problems. The ScanCounter T210 electronic outreader is designed specifically for accurate counting of water meter pulse outputs. It incorporates an easy to read display and a range of alerts.