Case Studies

Communities around the world are committed to addressing the challenges they face with an aging utility infrastructure and rapid technological advances. We are committed to helping them develop comprehensive solutions that meet their needs. Drawing upon more than a century of management expertise including metering and telecommunications, modern wireless communications, system automation, software and IT services, we are improving the reliability and security of existing systems, and building new systems for the future.

Here we provide a sample of case studies which highlight challenges our customers have overcome and how our products and systems were integral to their success.




The Montpellier Mediterranean Airport has now benefited from having a stable and sustainable water resource management system that is easy to monitor and reliable to maintain. Thanks to Elster’s radio metering solution, water leaks are now easy to spot and fix, and the new system has made the Airport able to scale up for future growth.
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Q4000 meter offers high performance, outstanding durability and low lifetime costs. Utilities in the Middle East select Elster’s highly durable Q4000 water meter, because of its market-leading performance which makes the product ideally suited for the region’s hot climate and sandy conditions.
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Elster supplies 1000s of meters to help manage Macao’s water resource

Macao Water is facing the challenge of an increasing demand for water in a highly populated territory where natural water resources are limited. Elster’s highly accurate V100 domestic water metering technology is helping the company by enabling it to precisely monitor and manage its water resources. Following the success of the V100, Elster has also introduced its innovative Q4000 electromagnetic bulk meter to Macao Water, offering the added benefit of measuring water flow in commercial buildings.
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Local Municipality turns around revenue collection with prepaid water meters

With prepaid metering, the consumer is in control of their own water usage, as they decide how much water to purchase. The Elster Kent prepaid metering solution ensures that the consumer can now budget for their water bill. At any time the system that has been installed on the consumer’s own property shows how much credit is on the meter and how much has been used.
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Anglian Water reduces carbon footprint

Mitigating and adapting to climate change, Anglian Water’s goal is to deliver a reliable supply of clean, safe drinking water and effective wastewater services at an affordable price. Anglian Water’s strategic plan up to 2035 pledges approximately £1 billion of investment for adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate change. Alongside the significant commitment it has made in the climate change charter, extending domestic metering has been a major means by which Anglian Water has managed customer demand for water.

Elster has been supplying domestic meters to Anglian Water since it was privatised in 1989. Anglian Water elected Elster to supply up to 300,000 V210 volumetric polymer water meters for all new-build, replacement and refurbishment projects. These polymer meters have a plastic body and have been developed by Elster to significantly reduce their environmental impact throughout their lifecycle.
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